Sheridan Pillowcase

Sheridan Pillowcase

  • Composition: Cotton Rich (CVC)
  • Thread Count: 130
  • Weight: 130 GSM
  • Wash: Up to 90°c
Available Size
  • 50 x 75 cm


Sheridan Pillowcases are available in high thread count Egyptian quality cotton. Co-ordinate the bag pillowcases with your choice of bedding. We supply both standard size pillowcases and can also offer bespoke sizes. Sheridan Pillowcases are cotton rich with softness of Egyptian Cotton and are understandably loved by the hospitality industry. Rather than incorporating the poppers, buttons or interior flap of a normal housewife pillowcase, the entrance to a bag style cover is completely open, with folding ends that can be tucked in to provide that all important neatness and finesse.


Sheridan’s are fantastic for B&B owners and housekeepers for whom time is of the essence, allowing easy access when changing a bed and are already famous in the hospitality industry.

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