Kingsley Vacuum Packed Pillow

Kingsley Vacuum Packed Pillow

  • Quality: Microfibre White 90 GSM
  • Filling: 750 Grams 100% Polyester Ball Fibre
  • Packing: Single Piece Packing
Available Size
  • 48 x 74 cm


Kingsley Vacuum Packed Pillow is a flat vacuum package of compressed pillow in a bag that can be easily stored under the bed, in a wardrobe or case.

The pillow is filled with ball fibre that provides with a superior bounce back, long lasting pillow. The ball fibre filling has more loft and greater recovery, staying puffier for longer. It is anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and made from recycled material.


While an ideal pillow is both supportive and substantial, it can sometimes be difficult to store. The Kingsley is perfect for storage and once the package is opened it will result in a fluffy and voluminous pillow with the perfect loft.

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